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What are the types of diamond burs and their applications in dentistry?

by Marketing DA 12 Jun 2023

A diamond dental bur consists of a stainless-steel body with diamond powder bonding. It is ideal for shaping and placing veneers or crowns. Diamond dental burs provide methods to grind away tooth tissue and cut through porcelain and are mostly used with high-speed handpieces to leave a rough finish. They are suitable for single and multi-use purposes thereby showing ways to gain more advantages. Moreover, diamond dental burs are available in a variety of shapes and grits that satisfy the needs of dentists.

What are the different types of diamond burs?

  1. Ball round burs Ball round diamond burs are suitable for cavity preparation purposes allowing dentists they follow the guidelines properly. Furthermore, they come in head sizes from 0.1 mm to 100 mm which provides ways to obtain optimal results.
  2. Inverted cone burs Inverted diamond dental burs let dentists make undercuts for root canals and other dental procedures. They have a tapered cone with an inverted apex and are ideal for tooth angulation during cavity design preparation. The heads of these burs are equal in diamond and diameter. Single and double inverted diamond dental burs are the two types available for dentists.
  3. Wheel burs The wheel diamond dental burs are specifically designed for crown-cutting purposes that help get the desired outputs. Apart from this, they make feasible methods to ensure proper reduction of the tooth for veneers.
  4. Flat-end cylinder burs Flat-end cylinder diamond burs are ideal for intra-oral tooth preparation, cavity preparation, and crown preparation. Dentists can utilise them for finishing, carving, and smoothing applications to gain more advantages.
  5. Needle burs Needle diamond dental burs enable dentists to perform bridge & cavity preparation, cavity preparation, and occlusal reduction with high efficiency. These burs are available in short, medium, and long sizes.
  6. Pear-shaped burs Pear-shaped diamond burs let dentists carry out trimming, finishing, excavating, and other dental applications. They provide ways to create access points and split roots of small teeth depending on the needs.
  7. Flame burs Flame dental burs are the best choice for cavity preparation, crown preparation, and bridge preparation to get the desired outcomes. Dentists can use a flame-cutting bur to restore teeth conditions effectively to reduce unwanted problems. However, they should know the sizes before buying flame dental burs.

What are the advantages of using diamond burs in dentistry services?

The primary advantage of using a diamond bur is that it offers better hygiene to dentists in dentistry services. Exceptional sterilisation and cleaning techniques contain a small number of bacteria that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. Using diamond dental burs offer solutions to the problem by reducing the transfer of bacteria. Besides that, they offer superior cutting to dentists while restoring teeth conditions. Dentists can even focus more on following the best practices with high-quality diamond dental burs. Diamond dental burs are cost-efficient when compared to other burs. On the other hand, it is wise to know more about the types of burs and their applications before investing money.

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