General Dental Needs: Rubber dams, X-Ray Films, Silanes & more

General dentistry covers the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral health conditions. It encompasses a variety of treatment options and procedures with common goal, to ensure a good oral health, so General dentist are responsible for routine checkups, examinations and other dental procedures with ultimate goal is to prevent and diagnose disease. This article will help you to understand the importance of essential tools and equipments used in general dentistry

Essential tools and equipment in dentistry:


Primary goal of anesthetics in dentistry is to provide pain control during dental procedures, ensuring patient comfort and facilitating effective treatment. Local anesthesia commonly used in dental procedures are Lidocaine, Articane, prilocaine . These agents works by blocking nerve impulses, preventing the transmission of pain signals.


Disposable plays an important role in reducing / eliminating the cross transmission of infections and implementation of preventive protocols and disposable items are key elements to help protect the dentists, patients and operators from the risks and complications. Disposable gloves, masks, PPE kits, saliva ejectors, needles and syringes are essential for preventing cross contamination.

Products such as Avue Self Sterilization Pouches, Avue Micro Applicators and Avue Sterilization Reels are used to sterilize and package instruments.

Finishing and Polishing:

Finishing and polishing of dental restorations are essential steps in the restorative process. Proper techniques helps in removing any roughness or irregularities on the surface of restoration, not only it enhances the aesthetic appearance of the restoration but helps in reducing plaque accumulation and staining which can lead to decay or discoloration. Dental polishing discs, burs, discs , points and polishing pastes are used to achieve the desired results.

The Bioclear Rockstar Polishing Kit provides dentists with a comprehensive set of tools for refining the contours of dental restorations and achieving a high gloss finish.

Isolation & Infection Control:

Isolation in dentistry refers to the process of isolating specific or group of teeth from surrounding environment during dental procedures to create clean, dry and contamination free field to enhance the quality of work and minimizes the risk of infection. Rubber dams, Insti dams & isolite systems are commonly used. Infection control prevents the spread of pathogens , blood borne and infectious diseases. Various protocol methods like sterilization & disinfection plays a pivotal role.

Avue Dam, DMG minidam & SDI Gingival barrier are some of the ranges which ensure the safety and comfort of both patient and dental practioner.

Preventive Material:

Preventive material are designed for prevention against dental caries and maintaining good oral health. Topically application of fluoride application used to prevent dental caries in children. Dental sealants are thin, protective plastic coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Prophylactic pastes are used to remove plaque , calculus and stains from tooth.

DMG Icon Smooth Surface and SDI Conseal F are the products range used for the arrest of caries at early stages and helps in remineralization of enamel, resulting in non invasive treatment in future.

Porcelain Repair:

Porcelain repair materials are widely used in dentistry for the easily repairing of chipped off, broken prosthesis like crowns, bridges , onlays. It not only helps to patient comfort (less chair side time ) but also ensures the longevity of prosthesis. Various bonding agents, composite resins and porcelain repair kit are used to repair defects.

Products like Angelus Porcelain Repair kit helps In repairing porcelain/ceramic prosthesis.


Dental X-rays plays a significant role in general dentistry to diagnose dental infections , identify the symptoms of infections before becoming evident , nowadays dental imaging techniques are commonly used to capture detailed pictures of teeth potentially leading to dental treatment. Various types of X-rays like intraoral ( peri apical, bite wing, occlusal), extraoral (Panoromic, tomograms, cephalometrics)

Avue Xpress SD , product range widely used by dentists that provides high quality diagnostic images through instantaneous self development process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential tools needed for basic dental procedures?

Most important set of tools the basic to do any kind of examining , PMT( probe, mirror and tweezer), followed by other set of armamentarium Hand piece for any procedure, suction device, elevators, forceps and dental syringe.

What should patients know about maintaining oral health at home?

First and foremost important is to maintain regular habit of brushing twice a day, use of dental floss, what food is important to them whether less sugar intake, junk food, aerated drinks and visiting dentist once in six months for regular check up.

How has technology improved general dental care?

Conventional denstistry has been overcome by the modern day practice by the introduction of various advanced dental equipments like CAD CAM technologies helps in delivering the crowns within hours, dental implants helps in rebuilding the prosthesis , cosmetic procedures (minimally invasive procedures ).also with the water floss technology now patient can use it at home for better cleaning of interdental spaces.