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Bioclear Matrix Systems: A Game Changer in Anterior and Posterior Restorations

by Marketing DA 15 Apr 2024

A matrix is required to fill the restoration according to the tooth structure in most anterior or posterior restorations. A dental matrix is a band that adapts to the tooth surface and reproduces the missing wall. Matrice is placed for interproximal areas, which provide contour and contact points with the adjacent tooth. Matrices also prevent the leak of the restoration in the gingival tissue and lies under restorative dentistry.

An ideal matrix system should have the following characteristics:-

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Proper contouring
  • Budget-friendly
  • Confinement of the material
  • No leakage of the restoration.

Matrixing is used in class II, III, and MOD (Mesio occlusal distal) cavities and involves the formation of a wall adjacent to the axial walls, enclosing the tooth structure.

What are Bioclear Matrix Systems?

In 2007, Dr. David Clark invented a patient-centric tool for aesthetic dentistry. In the bio-clear method, Dr. Clark modified the tooth preparation and injection molding technique and patented a clear anatomic matrix system so the operators could have long-lasting and stronger restorations.

The bio-clear matrix system is one of the few transparent systems available for both anterior and posterior restorations. 

Anterior Matrix system:

  1. BioClear Anterior Matrix are used for day-to-day aesthetic restorations and have less curvature than the Diastema Closure matrices.
  2. It allows for predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. The matrix is easily used wedge-free when closing small spaces with full contact.
  3. The Bioclear Anterior Matrix leaves the interproximal composite smooth and properly contoured.

Diastema closure series:

  1. Diastema closure series, which closes the gap up to 2mm and is available in different curvatures.
  2. The matrices have more curvature than Bioclear Anterior Matrix.

Black triangle kit:

  1. Black Triangle System, a modified matrix system that enables the black triangle closure up to 40% faster.
  2. Matrices are customized for black triangles in this black triangle, and no trimming is required before the procedure.
  3. For its convenience, the curvature is indicated by colors corresponding to the gauge.

Using paired matrices, curvature (indicated by color) closes spaces up to:

Pink – 1 mm space
Yellow – 1.5 mm space

Green – 2 mm space
Blue – 2.5 mm space

For all the details on curvatures and related kindly look at our previous blog.

Bioclear matrix Posterior:

Bioclear Matrix HD series:- It provides the following advantages:

  1.  Ease of placement
  2. Ideal contouring
  3. Polished outcome
  4. Suitable for most of the molar cases and available in different sizes.

Bioclear matrix Posterior- Evolve Matrices:

  1. It has five heights to provide an ideal fit.
  2. It is extra flared on buccal and lingual surfaces for ease of adaptation.
  3. It is available in 4 profiles and color-coded for ease of identification.

For all the details on profiles and related kindly look at our previous blog.

Accessories of Matrics System 

During the placement of the matrix, wedges are used to create a tight seal and prevent misplacement. It comes in different sizes, and diamond wedges are used more often and require less effort to place.

Also, there is a TwinRing, which is used in Class II matrix adaptation. It assists in the separation of the teeth and creates a strong seal with the matrix without collapsing the matrix into the cavity. The structural design of the TwinRing causes it to have marvelous form memory and it is guaranteed to retain its original shape without warping, even after hundreds of uses.

Another matrix system is the Poladent V3 system, which can be used for accurate contacts and contours. In this matrix system, there are stable single nickel-titanium retaining rings.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Bioclear Matrix Systems in Restorations

  1. Anatomically Shaped Matrices:- Having the matric-like shape of a natural tooth aids in proper contact, Operators used mylar strips until the 2000s, and these strips do not easily adapt to the tooth's shape, leading to margin failure most of the time. Compared to Bioclear’s patented matrices, which are clear, true anatomical matrices that adapt much better according to the contour of the tooth, leading to successful restoration.
  2. Transparent Matrices:- enable effective light curing.
  3. Tooth preparation:- Conventionally, tooth preparation designs were done in a way that required more tooth reduction and was made according to the restoration however, now in the Bioclear matrix there is a conservative approach.
  4. Different types of cavities:- For both anterior and posterior options,bio-clear different series and options are for fast and efficient cosmetic treatments.
  5. Complete kits and procedures for best results 


To conclude, bio-clear is a minimally invasive process to conserve tooth structure. Operators should use it more often because of its magnificent features, such as convenience, pocket-friendliness, and conservative approach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Bioclear Matrix System suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations?

Yes, Bioclear Matrix System is effective in both anterior and posterior restorations.

Can Bioclear Matrix Systems be used for cosmetic dental improvements?

Yes, as Bio-clear is an innovative cosmetic dentistry technique that uses a matrix system to apply composite.

What is the choice of matrix system recommended for posterior teeth?

The Bioclear Evolve Posterior Kit offers everything you need for posterior composite restorations.

What type of matrix system is used for anterior composite restorations?

Bioclear diastema closure series and anterior matrices are used for everyday restorative dentistry and aesthetic treatments where small spaces need filling.

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