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The Latest Innovations in Endodontic Files

by Arif Khan 08 Aug 2023

The advancement of technology, especially in dentistry, has led to more effective and precise treatments. As a dentist, you must invest in the latest equipment and tools, like endodontic files, to perform dental procedures effectively. To keep your patients happy and satisfied, with smiles on their services post-treatment, replace your worn and outdated dental instruments. 

At Dental Avenue, we provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art dental equipment and tools to ensure dentists have all the tools they need to deliver precise and effective dental care to their patients.

Invest in the Latest Endodontic Files for Precise Dental Treatments 

While endodontic files have been a staple instrument for cleaning and shaping canals since the early 20th century, the file systems being used today are significantly different from their traditional counterparts. The introduction of NiTi files, for example, necessitated the introduction of different cross-sections to enhance the cutting efficiency of these rotary instruments that were more flexible and resistant to cyclic fatigue as compared to the traditional hand files.

Three-Dimensional Endodontic Files

The Self-Adjusting File (SAF) System was designed to overcome many of the current drawbacks of rotary file systems. It is based on a hollow, highly compressible file that adapts itself three-dimensionally to the shape of a given root canal, including its cross-section. The file is operated with vibratory in-and-out motion, with continuous irrigation delivered by a peristaltic pump through the hollow file. A uniform layer of dentin is removed from the whole circumference of the root canal, thus achieving the main goals of root canal treatment while preserving the remaining root dentin. The 3D scrubbing effect of the file, combined with the always fresh irrigant, results in unprecedentedly clean canals which facilitate in turn better obturation.

Avue Aurum’s Convex Triangular Cross Section

It facilitates debris removal, increases cutting efficiency, and reduces friction. Its non-cutting tip designs are helpful for eliminating any procedural error, like ledge formation transportation & perforations primarily in curved canals. 

The tool is highly flexible, allowing super resistance to cyclic fatigue, which is the common cause of file separation. 

Retreatment Files  

With time, there have been major advances in retreatment files, enabling dentists to perform retreatment/ cases of reinfection more easily and effectively. Some of these are:-

  • R-Endo Files have reciprocating motion instead of continuous rotation. These are effective for removing root canal filling.
  • XP-Endo Finisher features multiple cutting edges and unique designs, facilitating efficient removal of filling materials, like gutta-percha.
  • XP-Endo Shaper is designed to prepare the root canal during the retreatment process.

Invest in Innovative Dental Equipment for Effective Results With Dental Avenue!

The importance of gutta-percha dental points, can’t be understated. Whether you need a standard taper or any other type of gutta percha points, Dental Avenue is the best place to get them. In addition to providing points at the best price, we are also a trusted platform for dentists of all types, servicing their requirements for dental products ranging from aesthetic dentistry to surgical implantology.

So, if you are looking for a special gutta percha point price, absorbent paper points, or any other product to give your patients a better experience, do it the easy way with Dental Avenue!

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