DiaDent Gutta Percha Points (GP Points)

A dentist needs many materials in their profession, and one such important material is Gutta percha. It is a type of natural rubber that dentists use as filling material for root canal therapy.


An Introduction to Gutta Percha

The name of Gutta percha is derived from two Malay words: Getah (sticky gum) and Pertja (the name of a gutta tree). It is soft and pliable, especially when heated, and is biocompatible, making it ideal for medical use. Dentists have used it for over 150 years, particularly in canal therapy.

In root canal procedures, dentists remove the infected or damaged pulp, which might be the nerve and blood supply inside the tooth, and then clean and shape the canals. The canal is afterwards filled with Gutta percha and a sealer to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth and causing infection. The Gutta percha is usually heated for the procedure to soften, allowing it to be easily moulded inside the root canal.

Thus, Gutta percha dental advantages are many and versatile. It results in a solid and durable seal, thus helping to preserve the remaining tooth structure and prevent further re-infection.

Types of Obturation Techniques

Obturation plays a critical role in root canal treatments, ensuring the complete sealing of the treated canal to prevent reinfection. There are several techniques employed to achieve effective obturation.

  • Lateral Compaction Technique: This traditional method involves the use of master cones and accessory cones to fill the canal space incrementally.
  • Vertical Compaction Technique: Utilizing heat, this technique involves compacting gutta-percha vertically into the canal, creating a dense seal.
  • Thermoplastic Technique: Here, thermoplasticized gutta-percha is used to achieve a three-dimensional filling, conforming precisely to the canal's shape.
  • Carrier-based Techniques: These involve carriers like Thermafil or Obtura to place gutta-percha into the canal, simplifying the process.
  • Injectable Techniques: System B or other injectable systems deliver heated gutta-percha into the canal, ensuring excellent adaptation.

Each technique has its advantages, and the choice depends on the case's complexity and the clinician's preference. Our comprehensive guide sheds light on each method, aiding dental professionals in making informed decisions for successful root canal treatments.

Gutta Percha Types Available in the Market

There are several gutta percha dental products available, including:

  • Gutta Percha: Gutta percha is formulated with a special additive. The addictive allows it to be softened and compacted using a chemical solvent. There is no need for heat in the process.
  • Injectable Gutta Percha: Injectable gutta percha is another type of gutta percha that can be delivered using a special injector. It does not require heating or compaction.
  • Diadent Gutta Percha F1: Diadent GP points are the best in the world. GP points in dentistry are essential for effective root canal treatments. GP points in dentistry are used to ensure precise and efficient removal of infected tissues, promote proper cleaning and shaping of the root canal, and aid in sealing the canal with gutta-percha, facilitating successful and lasting restorations. They are formulated to have a very low melting temperature, thus making them easier to work with and adapt to the shape of the root canal. At DentalAvenue, we provide you with Diadent Gutta Percha at very reasonable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diadent Gutta Percha?

Diadent Gutta Percha is a dental material commonly used in endodontic procedures. It is a rubbery, thermoplastic material derived from the Palaquium tree and is widely recognized for its excellent biocompatibility and sealing properties. Diadent Gutta Percha is used to fill and seal the root canals after removing the infected dental pulp, preventing bacteria re-entry and promoting root canal treatments' success.

How are GP Points Used in Dentistry?

GP Points, short for Gutta Percha Points, are essential components in endodontics. Dentists use GP Points and sealers to fill and seal the cleaned and shaped root canals. The GP Points effectively obturate the canal space, preventing the ingress of microorganisms and facilitating the healing process.

Where can I buy dental instruments?

You can purchase high-quality dental instruments, including Diadent Gutta Percha, Gutta Percha Cones, and GP Points, from various dental supply stores or online platforms. DentalAvenue offers a wide range of dental materials and instruments, making it a convenient option for dental professionals to purchase their requirements.

How can I prevent overextended Gutta Percha during root canal treatment?

To avoid overextended Gutta Percha during root canal treatment, dentists should carefully measure the root canal's length before filling and use appropriate files and instruments to accurately shape and clean the canal. Additionally, employing modern techniques like apex locators can aid in determining the correct canal length, minimising the risk of overextension.